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Most of the people find it difficult to wake up early and do some work out or even go for a morning walk. Procrastination has manifested its roots in every individual’s attitude and it reflects by their poor fitness level. According to a survey more than 50 % of youth in the world are not vigorously active on a daily basis. This is an alarming statistics and it’s a high time that we adopt some fitness motivation in our life.

You do not need to work out on a heavy machinery, spend hours in gym, eat 7-8 eggs a day, and eat protein supplements unless you want to achieve an athletic build. Basic fitness can be attained from some of the very basic exercise that we used to do in our school days. I know it’s hard to find out some time for workout in our daily schedule, that why one should have a smart fitness goals.

It’s okay if you cannot work out every day, but do at least thrice in a week for 20 minutes. Stay active throughout your day, eat healthy, in case your work place is nearby then go by walk or bicycle. Avoid escalators and elevators, always take stairs. Swimming is a very good exercise, so whenever get some time to relax go out for swimming. Play out door games like football or basketball or any other game you like. Some basic exercise like plank could be really useful to stay healthy.

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